• Katrina Browne is shocked/not when she discovers that her ancestors the DeWolf’s (also spelled D’Wolf or DeWolfe) of Bristol, Rhode Island were the largest slave traders in the US.  Katrina wrote, directed and produced a documentary, “Traces of the Trade” that shows us how it all worked.  What a massive economic system it was. How the North was fully complicit and Rhode Island was the most complicit State. How  Jefferson showed DeWolf how to get around the law to continue the business. And the vertical business model they used.
    • I learned from watching the Bill Moyers show  how the ruling class and the business community complicit with the government and the legal system facilitated this and allowed it to go on right up to WWII. How is it possible that we are just now learning this. This means that there are people alive today telling unbelievable stories to their grand children about being slaves. 
    • Thank you Katrina and to all involved for what I am sure was a painful story to tell. This can only help in our truth reconciliation and healing of this not so distant human tragedy. We still have a lot to answer for. We can only hope that the most vocal opponents of reparation and affirmative action see this and that their hearts open up.