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We went through a phase of selfishness unlike anything we have seen in recent history. Many of us (Investors, CEO’s, government + plenty others) choose to ignore the signs at the wall and rather took their piece from a poisoned cake.for and from the curious – web 2.0, social media and cause marketing explored, Jan 2009

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The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?

An email exchange with someone I don't know on the Israeli Palestine conflict.

It's hard to stay positive and motivated. I read your reply and started thinking that it's really hopeless. People have already made up their minds and nothing anyone shows them can ever change their mind. But then I saw a great documentary " [ http://www.theamericanrulingclass.org/home/ ]The American Ruling Class" and I got invigorated again. It's about winning hearts and minds one at a time and some day the balance will shift positively. You never know if you are going to be that one grain of sand that causes the shift in consciousness. So I will persist in sharing alternative information.

The shift in consciousness you must agree needs to go from a war mentality to a peace mentality. Things are not moving in the right direction anywhere.

This British journal can't be that respectable with that kind of vitriol.

The sad part is that the story of rockets in the school yard is 2 years old and has been proven to have been manufactured in this case. Israel has already rebutted it's original claim here.

And that's the problem. It's not enough that people are really uneducated about what's really going on or that they have their blinders on because they have picked one side to support for what ever reason, the real shame is that there's so much lying and propaganda.

I do not have children, so I have had the luxury of spending a lot of time digging for information. Things are mostly not what they appear to be. Mainstream is mostly wrong or being a mouth piece for corporations and governments. History is always written by the victors. War is our biggest business. And that's how we educate our children. Add to that the fact that 80% of Americans have no passports, It's no wonder we know so little of the world and it's people.

The most disturbing news this week is about all of the barbaric weapons that are being used and tested in this. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_phosphorus_(weapon) ]Phosphorus, [ http://unitedcats.wordpress.com/2006/10/25/dime-weapons/ ]DIME, [ http://jack-dalton.blogspot.com/2005/06/poison-dust-depleted-uranium.html ]Depleted Uranium. These are crimes against humanity. We were so quick to repeat "Saddam gassed his people", this stuff is just as bad, and some much worse. But few know that there are two other stories floating around. One claims that we gave the OK for this to be done and opened up the no-fly zone to facilitate it. The [ http://www.uscrusade.com/forum/config.pl/noframes/read/1111 ]other claims that it was Iranian gas. If you'll remember Iraqis were at war with Iran on our behalf. You certainly won't hear those stories in the mainstream media. So who has the right to throw the first stone?

Using these types of weapons is a crime against humanity in any context. We should all be ashamed for even having these. We are a bankrupt nation and yet we spend more on our military than all other nations combined! That's how Rome fell. That's how the British fell.

Some things don't make sense. 10-20 Israeli deaths are related to Palestinian rockets in 8 years. Yet 4000 Israeli have died from car accidents in that same period. Should we bomb all highways?

Palestinian deaths in last 18 days is now over 900 and close to 300 are CHILDREN. 4100 injured.

[ http://www.cfr.org/publication/11115/ ]Proportionality is an International law.

Yes Palestinians are lobbing rockets at civilian neighborhoods but Israel is bombing schools, hospitals, universities, civilian houses. So who has the right to throw the first stone?

Israel not the Palestinians broke the cease fire in Nov.

Occupation is a primordial act of violence.

Occupation, blockade and check-points needs to stop now.

Return the stolen lands, tear down the walls, get rid of Nazi like check-points (papers please), hold a truth and reconciliation like they did in So Africa and see how fast this conflict stops and goes away.

I believe that Israel/Palestine should be a single secular Democratic state with equal rights for all. They've lived side by side before they can do it again. Especially if we stay out of it. We created this mess in the first place. Returning Jews to the land by force was not a well thought out plan. And it was done out of guilt to begin with. Our blind support of Israel, no matter what they do, means we are still operating from guilt.

Europeans and now Americans need to stop meddling in world affairs. We are not smart enough or educated enough to understand other societies. We just make a mess everywhere. We should mind our business and fix our own country.

    • Katrina Browne is shocked/not when she discovers that her ancestors the DeWolf’s (also spelled D’Wolf or DeWolfe) of Bristol, Rhode Island were the largest slave traders in the US.  Katrina wrote, directed and produced a documentary, “Traces of the Trade” that shows us how it all worked.  What a massive economic system it was. How the North was fully complicit and Rhode Island was the most complicit State. How  Jefferson showed DeWolf how to get around the law to continue the business. And the vertical business model they used.
    • I learned from watching the Bill Moyers show  how the ruling class and the business community complicit with the government and the legal system facilitated this and allowed it to go on right up to WWII. How is it possible that we are just now learning this. This means that there are people alive today telling unbelievable stories to their grand children about being slaves. 
    • Thank you Katrina and to all involved for what I am sure was a painful story to tell. This can only help in our truth reconciliation and healing of this not so distant human tragedy. We still have a lot to answer for. We can only hope that the most vocal opponents of reparation and affirmative action see this and that their hearts open up.

National Labor Committee’s Charles Kernaghan, the man who made Kathie Lee cry, has now exposed the ugly labor practices of Japan’s Toyota. The very same labor practices Toyota is exporting to the US. Foreign workers treated like slaves and getting a third of minimum wage, ties to the Burmese military and Toyota sweatshops. Getting away with murder.

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The new Xserve improves energy efficiency with Intel’s 45 nanometer core microarchitecture technology. The processors draw a maximum consumption of 80W, and drop as low as 4W when idle. Power supplies exceed Energy Star recommendations from the US Department of Energy and Apple’s thermal management technology cools the systems efficiently in a wide variety of environments while reducing power consumption.

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A powerful low budget film about a small nation’s million voices whose singing, persevance, and peaceful rebellion took down the Soviet Empire. Spread the word. There’s always an alternative.

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